Welcome to Audrey Virginia Proulx Photography!


I just graduated from the Stanford Graduate School of Business with MSCS/MBA degrees.  I am also a professional pop singer/songwriter (audreyismusic.com for more info).


I have always loved photography. When I was young, I would run around with my collie dogs and take photos of them. Along these runs, I would catch sight of a pretty plant, or a reflection, or an interesting texture, and snap a photo of that, too. I was often pleasantly surprised by how these spur of the moment photos would turn out. Meanwhile, I taught myself Photoshop at a young age and would spend hours playing around with different images on Photoshop to make them look cool.


At Stanford University, I started taking photography classes, both in digital and film.  I most enjoy night photography, macro photography, playing with natural/artificial light, and, still, photographing my collies. I recently created two photography books, "Meridiem" and "From Flower to Fruit."  What intrigues me most about photography is being able to capture something that the eye would not normally see.


Contact me for inquiries or bookings for headshots or events.